Individual Lessons
Practice is Essential
In this world the only thing we truly own is the body and mind we shape every day
General Information
• Individual Lessons in: Self Defence, Kung Fu /To’A Style/
• Sparing Lessons: Attack and Defence Technics/Movement Combinations
• Physical Training for: Strength, Endurance, Speed, Agility, Flexibility or General Training
• Age: over 15 years
• Level: Beginner/Advanced
• Days: by mutual agreement
• Hour: by mutual agreement
• Duration: by mutual agreement
• Location: by mutual agreement


• Chief Instructor: Master Teymour Jafari
• Assistant Instructor: Alexander Omaynikov
• Phones: +359 885 138 210, +359 894 686 042 (bulgarian, persian, azerbaijanian, turkish)
• E-mail: gongtoa[at]
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Kung Fu To'a Bulgaria - Individual Lessons

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